Our Brands

Lebanon Seaboard offers a broad range of brands for both the homeowner and professional. Our brands include products for lawn fertilization, weed control, combination products, as well as disease and grub control. We also offer top rated NTEP grass seed varieties and seed starters. The applications for our brands do not stop at the lawn, we offer products in our brands for weed control in both flower and vegetable gardens, as well as landscape plant fertilizers. Finally, our Lyric brand of wild bird food will attract a wide variety of birds to brighten your backyard.


Below is a summary of our brands. For additional information on each of the brands, please visit the web sites by clicking the brand logo. We are confident one of our brands can fulfill your every lawn, garden, landscape, or turf need, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you




Country Club® is LebanonTurf's premier homogeneous methylene urea fertilizer line.


Emerald Isle™ True Foliar products produce consistent surfaces, ideal color, and outstanding turf density.


ProScape® fertilizers, combination products, and seeds deliver optimum performance for the serious turf professional.


Greenskeeper® fertilizers are our traditional high quality homogeneous products providing sustained feeding, safety, and spreadability.


Woodace® products are designed to help professionals care for landscape beds and ornamentals.


Lebanon Pro® is designed to be the professional's toolbox with products created for just about any landscape situation.


Roots® products are organic based fertilizers, mycorrhizal fungi, biostumulants, and micronutrients for the turf, horticultural and agriculture markets.


Lebanon Proprietary Seeds offers a variety of products for all of the following applications: full sun mixes and blends, bentgrass varieties and blends, and proprietary turf grass varieties.



PreenĀ® is the easy way to get relief from the aggravation of weeding your garden or lawn.


GreenView® brand offers fertilization products for every season of the year including environmentally friendly zero phosphate options.


Lyric® Wild Bird Food offers products from mixes formulated to attract the most popular birds to straight foods.